Steven Viert


Mr. Steve Viert is a range scientist and wildlife ecologist by background, started professional work in 1975 with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Soon thereafter, he transferred to the private sector as an ecological consultant. Mr. Viert’s professional emphasis is on creating vision to guide the practical, innovative, and user-friendly approaches to data collection, assessment, and consultation. Mr. Viert’s technical specialties include range ecology, wildlife ecology, reclamation and revegetation design, statistical analyses, and practical mitigation solutions. His experience has been gained from nearly 1,000 projects across North America and Australia, from single-discipline studies to the management of two complete coal mine permit applications. Mr. Viert attended the University of Michigan where he received a Professional Degree (B.S.) in Wildlife Management. Mr. Viert also attended Colorado State University where he received two Master’s Degrees, the first in Range Ecology and the second in Business Administration (MBA).